May 26, 2022, Torino (IT). Avangard & Multi-Moby are two European Commission funded projects on safe, affordable, sustainable, ergonomics and interactive urban mobility presented by I-FEVS.

• SAFETY. Crash and fatigue tests. Full frontal against rigid wall, off-axis against deformable barrier, side crash test, pole crash test: state of the art results.

• AFFORDABILITY. Low investment production line for body frames and full steel doors.

• ERGONOMICS. Self-standing i-bikes with 2 independent rear wheels spaced apart 20 cm only.

• RECYCLABILITY. Vehicles (cars and bikes) are manufactured using nano-structured super high strength steel that per the same strength are lighter than Aluminum and fully recyclable.

• INTERACTIVITY. High level of interactivity thanks to an on-board network of Tiny ML boards, over-the-air secure updates of the on-board firmware. Preventive maintenance and continuous exchange of data with its Digital Twin (Avatar).

• SUSTAINABILITY. Integrated high-efficiency solar cells, 100% fully recyclable materials

• MULTI-MISSION PURPOSE I-BIKES. Single platform addressing cargo, family and commuting bikes

All reported activities are supported by the European Commission