Our Mission

I-FEVS is focused on generating new technological solutions so that pure electric mobility could be mainstream.

Our goal is to manufacture best in class urban mobility vehicles per safety, security, energy consumption, ergonomics, robustness and total cost of ownership.



a partnership in Intellectual Property Valorization

Dr. Massimo Marcarini – Sisvel Italy CEO

I-FEVS at MECSPE Bologna 2023

I-FEVS at ST sustainability day

I-FEVS at BikeUp Torino 2023


From our CEO

When we co-founded I-FEVS with Pietro in 2011, we set ourselves the ambitious goal of growing a company that would follow the spirit of the Florentine Renaissance workshops: creativity and technical-scientific knowledge at the service of new forms of sustainable mobility.

Thanks to the support of the European Community, we were able to hire a group of technicians and engineers unique for their dedication to work and their expertise.

With them we have generated demonstrators of great industrial potential, protected by a portfolio of over 140 patents and trademarks. Our international reputation in the world of research and development has grown steadily, collaborating with many European research centers and major industrial partners in the Automotive industry.

All our financial resources-reserves have been invested in the growth of our “creature”: I-FEVS. We maintain 100% control without having generated debts and without loans, but more importantly, without the need to involve financial investors.

Today we are at the turning point. In the coming months we will start selling online electric bicycles unique in design and innovation. Our goal is growth based on the sale of highly innovative products.
We will continue to maintain an important role in the growth of our “creature”, with confidence and optimism.

Without going into details about the technical contents, I anticipate however that the Renaissance spirit will be a distinctive element of each of our products. It could not be otherwise, because if Pietro is of Automotive extraction, I have taught History of Art for many years, with dedication and great passion. Leonardo, Raffaello, Michelangelo, Galileo…have inspired our company by guiding our gaze towards innovation, taking into account the cultural evolution and the new languages of our time.
Art and science: a winning combination of innovation and beauty to live in harmony with ourselves and the environment.

Irene Penserini | CO-FOUNDER and CEO, I-FEVS



Bologna, 31 March 2023. Embracing the invitation from EIT Manufacturing, IFEVS participated in MECSPE 2023 in Bologna (29 - 31 March 2023). Here, we showcased our new two and three-wheeled electric bicycles and introduced the new cargo-bike concept we are working on. We would...

AVANGARD Project: Innovative, Cost-effective EV Manufacturing

Brussels, March 25, 2023. Innovative manufacturing processes are enabling the cost-effective and sustainable production of steel all-electric vehicle bodies and frames in Europe. The EU-funded AVANGARD project has developed a flexible manufacturing environment that rapidly and...

I-FEVS Earns Fourth “Key Innovator” Recognition from EU

Brussels, 20 February 2023. As a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) in the electric vehicle industry, we at I-FEVS (Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles) are immensely proud to have received our fourth "Key Innovator" recognition from the European Commission. We would like to...

ArcelorMittal and I-FEVS collaborate on e-mobility with sustainable advanced high strength steel solutions

Torino, 8 February 2023. Exciting news! I-FEVS is thrilled to announce our collaboration with ArcelorMittal, the world's leading steel producer. Together, we will be developing safe, light, sustainable, and affordable innovative steel solutions for e-mobility applications. Our...

TRA 2022 Lisbon

Lisbon, 14-17 November 2022. TRA, the Transport Research Arena, is the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility. Portuguese minister of infrastructure and housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, tries our i-bike.


October 2022, Torino (IT). The final meeting of the Avangard project was held in Turin on 20 and 21 October 2022. Consortium representatives and project officers visited Prima Industrie, IFEVS and MA CLN Group. Info: AVANGARD Project website


July 2022, Torino (IT). The ZELD-e Project aims to reconfigure and update the existing monitoring and control schema of the welding processes involved in tab-to-tab (T2T) and tab-to-busbar (T2B) joining of battery packs (BP) used in EVs, in order to increase the joint quality,...


Our CEO, Pietro Perlo, about the presentation of new e-bikes prototypes in Malta Following a presentation I made in Torino, Dr. Reuben Buttigieg, chairman of Erremme, convinced me to also consider Malta as a location to manufacture clean, safe and affordable vehicles....

IFEVS releases a new video presentation regarding European projects Avangard and Multi-Moby.

May 26, 2022, Torino (IT). Avangard & Multi-Moby are two European Commission funded projects on safe, affordable, sustainable, ergonomics and interactive urban mobility presented by I-FEVS. • SAFETY. Crash and fatigue tests. Full frontal against rigid wall, off-axis against...

Bicycle Industry has launched a Sustainable Packaging Commitment

March 22, 2022, Brussels (BE). Bicycle Industry has launched a Sustainable Packaging Commitment Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI) and Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) have launched an industry-wide commitment to reduce plastic packaging and eliminate...

Technological solutions for pure electric mobility

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