1. Vehicle characteristics

2. Low cost manufacturing: common presentation COMAU-IFEVS (including videos).

3. Modular chassis including welding-painting certifications and accelerated fatigue tests

4. Powertrain description and its performance in various driving cycles

5. Zone partitioned electric-electronic architecture including remote monitoring and updates

6. Battery pack including conventional and innovative assembly approaches.

7. Design for safety: Crash tests, Vehicle stabilization, 4WD, Battery packs

8. Design for security at vehicle, factory and supply chain levels

9. Life Cycle Analysis including certificates on critical manufacturing processes

10. Partitioned Solar harvesting.

11. Vehicle to Home and petrol station integrating solar harvesting and energy storage

12. Vehicle Designs and Related Fittings

13. Producing through Microfactories with videos

14. Bill of materials for each building block

15. List of new patents on Security, Safety, Battery Design, I-Bikes…etc

16. Most relevant norms adopted, design specifications of the principal components

17. Complementing developments: I-bikes, Autonomous Vehicles

18. Blockchain and AI methodologies applications to Market, Design and Production

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