AVANGARD Project: Innovative, Cost-effective EV Manufacturing

Brussels, March 25, 2023.

Innovative manufacturing processes are enabling the cost-effective and sustainable production of steel all-electric vehicle bodies and frames in Europe. The EU-funded AVANGARD project has developed a flexible manufacturing environment that rapidly and seamlessly reconfigures machinery and robots, significantly reducing the investment required for producing electric vehicle bodies.

Traditional automotive body components have been produced through metal stamping using dies. Giga casting, a disruptive technology, can produce large die-cast aluminum parts more quickly and with fewer machines. However, the growing electric mobility market requires a shift towards more flexible production lines.

AVANGARD employs laser cutting, followed by punching-bending and welding, to manufacture over 80% of a vehicle body’s components without using expensive dies. This scalable platform offers low capital expenditure and short return on investment for various production volumes. The process uses 100% recyclable steel, reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and meets EU safety regulations.

AVANGARD’s cloud-based environment and hybrid blockchain improve security and data processing speed. The platform’s potential extends beyond electric vehicles, as it can manufacture bike and e-bike frames at competitive costs. I-FEVS, an AVANGARD partner, has established a collaboration with the world’s largest steel producer, demonstrating that affordable, sustainable, and high-performing electric vehicles can be produced cost-effectively in the EU.