I-FEVS Earns Fourth “Key Innovator” Recognition from EU

Brussels, 20 February 2023.

As a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) in the electric vehicle industry, we at I-FEVS (Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles) are immensely proud to have received our fourth “Key Innovator” recognition from the European Commission. We would like to express our gratitude to the Commission for their invaluable support over the years, which has enabled us to excel in innovation and market readiness.

Our journey began with the first recognition for our work on the PERFoRM project, where we focused on “Improved design for building micro-factories.” This innovation, assessed as “Tech Ready,” aimed to address the needs of existing markets and customers by revolutionizing the manufacturing process.

Our second “Key Innovator” recognition was awarded for the PIEDMONS project, where we explored “Quantum secured in-vehicle communication.” This innovation, which concluded in December 2021, is still in the exploration stage. It aims to provide secure in-vehicle communication using quantum technology and has been assessed as addressing the needs of existing markets and customers.

Most recently, we received two recognitions related to the AVANGARD project. The first one acknowledges our “Low investment for flexible manufacturing of safe and efficient urban electric vehicles.” This market-ready innovation concluded in October 2022 and addresses the needs of existing markets and customers by focusing on preparing for market entry, securing capital, and scaling up market opportunities.

The second recognition for the AVANGARD project highlights our work on “Technologies for sustainable EU-made E-bikes.” This market-ready innovation showcases a high level of market creation potential, emphasized by the statement “Market creation potential: High.” Concluding in October 2022, we have been working on market entry preparation, capital acquisition, and scaling up market opportunities to ensure success.

Our continued success and recognition as a “Key Innovator” by the European Commission is a testament to our dedication to developing cutting-edge electric vehicle technologies. We are committed to addressing market needs and pushing the boundaries of sustainable, efficient transportation. As we move forward, we remain grateful for the support we have received and look forward to continued collaboration with the European Commission.