Review Meeting of the FET-OPEN project PIEDMONS

 Brussels, September 3, 2019. I-FEVS presenting its patent pending Zone Partitioned Electric Electronic architecture based on the Infineon Aurix processor. The demonstration consisted on a real time RSA crypto secured remote update of the on-board functionalities.  

Electric vehicles as Computers on wheels? Security issues?
According to estimates shown by Salvador Vengas-Andraca and Marco Lanzagorta (Spie SC1210 on line course on Quantum Computing)
“relatively slow quantum computer running at 1 Mega-Hz (106 ops/s) with 7,000 logic qubits and 109 quantum gates could break RSA2048 is about 5 hours!

      • A huge improvement compared to the 300,000,000 years that it would take a classical computer running at 1 Peta Hertz (1015 ops/s).
    • Quantum computation offers a completely different computational model, not a faster processor.”.

Although by a classical superfast computer the breaking of the RSA key would require many years, within the PIEDMONS project  I-FEVS is aiming  at the implementation of a quantum channel that will make the communication very hard to break also by a quantum computer.